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The more stars, the rarer the pet.

- What's an egg-shaped stone doing here?
- A dark green egg with colorful splotches. It moves from time to time.
- A pitch black egg with toxic green sludge.
' - This green egg is cool to the touch, like stone.
- A gooey, tar-like mass. Eugh.
- A red egg with golden markings. It sounds like it's sizzling.
- This fuzzy egg won't hold still.
- A smooth, pearly egg.
- A soft, fluffy white egg.
- A bright, orange-brown egg studded with small gems.
- An egg that smells tantalizing...
- A damp white-blue egg.
- It's just a boring old egg.

- A white egg with a gem-like bump.
- A dark brown egg with golden spots.
- A dark brown egg partially covered by snow.
- A grey egg with golden speckles. The egg is rock hard.
- A bright metallic gold egg...

- A fluffy pink egg.

- This smooth egg has a little leaf sprouting from it and smells faintly sweet.

- A small, perfectly round purple egg.
- A small, perfectly round mustard yellow egg.
- A faint noise emanates from this egg...
- A tan egg with a splash of vibrant colors.
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