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1. Pisces forgive, but they will never forget. Good luck earning their trust back!
2. Pisces look sweet and shy, but they have a very wild side and are up for anything.
3. Pisces get irritated by big egos.
4. When a pisces is upset, they run away and close themselves off from the world.
5. A hurt, annoyed or angry pisces can and will shut anything, everything and everyone out.
6. Pisces take a long time to get over people. It's one of their biggest flaws.
7. Pisces will take a lot of mistreatment, but they have a breaking point. Push them to it you will watch your fish swim away never to return.
8. A pisces heart and mind are often at war.
9. Pisces love to look into people's eyes, it's their way of looking into their souls.
10. Pisces just wants to cuddle with you and watch a movie. Being around their loved one is all they need.
11. When a pisces is tired of all the bullshit, they speak sarcasm fluently.
12. A pisces notices everything, even if it seems like they don't.
13. Sometimes when pisces put walls up it's to see who really cares enough to knock them down.
14. Pisces find it hard to make decisions, because they see all sides to the question.
15. When a pisces feels something, they really feel it in every inch of their soul.
16. Pisces think a lot.
17. Sleep is opium for pisceans; and out of all the zodiac signs, they need to most hours. Many never feel truly awake; they tend to have vivid and meaningful dreams.
18. You can tell a pisces the same thing over and over again, but they need to see it and feel it to really believe you.
19. A pisces is like vacuum, they absorb all the positive and negative energy in the room at once.
20. Pisces do not get angry, they get cold.
21. Pisces will be the first to accept you for who you are.
22. Pisces have a tendency to prepare for the worst, they can see things often before they happen.
23. Pisces are big dreamers with beautiful eyes. They have those dreamy eyes that you can definitely get lost in.
24. Music is their stress reliever when they want to escape from all the bullshit.
25. Pisces have a soft spot for childish stuff, but that don't mean they are childish.
26. A pisces is most known for being in their own little world. No one daydreams more than this sign.
27. A pisces intuition and first impression of someone is never wrong.
28. When a pisces is with you, they just want to be happy.
29. Pisces are known for covering tears with laughter and falling apart by themselves in their room.
30. Pisces are silently intelligent people.
31. A pisces is comforting to be around, because unlike some people they actually care about what's going on with you.
32. Pisces go for the ones who can make them laugh.
33. A pisces could not care less what you look like. They are much more interested in connecting with you on a much more personal level.
34. Pisces are crazy and if you allow it, they will amaze you.
35. When a pisces is lonely or sad, all they need is a hug.
36. When a pisces is upset they tend to overthink a lot and everything hits them all at once.
37. Sometimes a pisces is kind to people who don't deserve it. These people usually find out that a pisces is not to be messed with.
38. If you hurt a pisces feelings, be prepared to apologize. If not, you are shut out of their world completely.
39. Pisces have the best fantasies. You so wish you could be in their head.
40. Pisces are the most kind, good-hearted, considerate, empathetic, compassionate and loving sign. They think with their heart.
41. When a pisces is being silent in a situation it doesn't mean they don't have anything to say, they just don't respond back to stupidity.
42. Pisces is super sensitive. You have to watch what you say to them, because something you think is small may really hurt their feelings.
43. A pisces basic instinct: no matter where life takes them, nothing and no one can break them. They will always shine.
44. Pisces cry over everything, whether happy or sad.
45. Pisces are scary when they get really angry, because when they snap on you it's with fury.
46. Pisces speak with their eyes and body more often than words.
47. Pisces like spiritual themes, time alone, visual media, time to sleep, romance, music and swimming.
48. Pisces dislike know-it-alls, the past coming back to haunt, being criticized, cruelty of any kind.
49. Pisces treat you how you treat them. You may not realize when you hurt them and they don't always tell you. They just give you a dose of your own medicine.
50. When a pisces asks you something, just tell them the truth, whether it's a good or bad, they don't like being lied to.
51. Pisces are super nostalgic. A familiar song or smell will always bring a pisces right back.
52. A pisces can instantly tell when something is wrong, even if you've only communicated by text.
53. Pisces have the ability to love you more than you can ever imagine.
54. A pisces is emotional, because they get tired of constantly putting up with people's bullshit, so their mood changes 4523 times in one day.
55. A pisces always knows what is best for other people, but when it comes to them, it's a different story.
56. You can offer a pisces the moon and the stars, but if you don't back that up by your actions then it doesn't mean shit to them.
57. Don't try lying to a pisces, they may act like they believe you, but they don't.
58. Pisces try to remain nonjudgmental and calm about everything until you start raising your voice and crossing the line.
59. Pisces will feel like shit if they do something hurtful to you because they know sincerely what it feels like.
60. Even if a pisces doesn't agree with you, they will always listen to what you have to say out of respect.
61. Pisces won't always approve of what you're doing, but they will never judge you.
62. Don't be fooled by a pisces. They may seem naive, but they are great thinkers, extremely creative, driven and make great leaders.
63. A pisces may be quick to cry, but they can get ice cold just as fast if they sense you're not worth their tears.
64. Pisces are very perceptive and will know your every game plan. While you think you're playing them, you will be the one getting played.
65. Pisces will never share their memories of deepest love or deepest pain.
66. As a pisces, half the time you're moody and you don't know why.
67. Most pisces don't ask many questions. Their intuition and perceptions are usually so revealing that they don't need to ask much. They'll just know.
68. You don't have to be perfect for a pisces, just be real. They respect you more for being yourself than putting on this act.
69. Pisces are over-analyzing absolutely everthing.
70. Getting a pisces to open up sometimes can be like trying to crack the safe to a vault.
71. Things pisces doesn't want to heart: "You're overreacting". They can't help how they feel and can't wish away their feelings.
72. Pisces don't care to have a ton of friends, but they are very loyal to the few friends they do have.
73. Pisces can't stand arguing and yelling, but will only do it if they feel they absolutely need to get their point across.
74. Pisces are happiest when they are on the beach.
75. A pisces wants to be romanced with simple things and thoughtful surprises.
76. A pisces can take criticism way too hard, because they see it as a personal attack instead of constructive feedback.
77. Pisces love singing.
78. Pisces have a mild case of OCD, everything has to be on place.
79. Hurting a pisces in a relationship sucks. The will be your friend and will forgive you, but deep inside they still hold that hurt in their hearts.
80. Sometimes a pisces won't talk to anyone all day, because they don't think anyone will understand what they're thinking.
81. A pisces random thought: "Don't try to switch the story up to me, my mind is like a sponge so I will remember everything you said."
82. When a pisces doesn't want to be bothered, they usually listen to music as an outlet and get annoyed if you keep on trying to talk to them.
83. For a pisces it's the thought that counts, not the price tag.
84. A pisces symbol shows one fish pulling upwards and one fish pulling downwards, which depict how they are frequently torn between two paths.
85. Pisces really love reading books and watching movies as escapes from reality.
86. Pisces endures pain, and recovers in silence.
87. There is nothing weak about a pisces. They have the heart of a soldier and when it comes to family and friends, they would do anything.
88. Pisces may be quiet at times, but that is because so many extreme thoughts are running through their minds and they know you can't handle them.
89. Pisces love to love and be loved over anything, but they hide it well.
90. Pisces has the strongest gut feelings amongst the other signs.
91. Pisces love children and just wish for a happy happy family!
92. As a pisces your moods are mysterious and your dreams are intense. Your best ideas come to you at night.
93. Pisces can be antisocial just as much as they are friendly.
94. Don't worry if your pisces sleeps a lot. They love to sleep.
95. Pisces rather keeps their emotions bottled up and put on a happy face for the world to see as opposed to letting everyone into their life.
96. Pisces don't get angry often but when they do, it's very hard for them to hold back and they will say things they won't take back.
97. A pisces worst trait: Self-destructive.
98. No matter how much wrong you do to a pisces, they still find the good in you.
99. The award for most random thoughts goes to pisces!
100. Just as the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, represents a new beginning, the twelfth and last sign sign, Pisces, is the end of the circle, the sign of eternity, reincarnation, and spiritual rebirth. Many astrologers say that pisces is a link to the spirit world and that you who are born under this sign are old souls, for they believe pisceans to have experienced other lives in the past.

Pisces females
1. A pisces female is the one girl in the group of all guy friends.
2. Pisces women are princesses. If you want to win her heart, be the modern gentleman.
3. A pisces woman will always put you before herself. Even if that means getting her own feelings hurt.
4. Be careful how you treat a pisces woman, because once she's fed up, she won't be coming back.
5. Pisces woman are down to earth and love the simple things in life. The little things always make them happy.
6. If you treat her right, a pisces can be the best girlfriend you will ever have.

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