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1. Scorpio's are torn between being loyal to the core, and not trusting anyone at all.
2. You cannot make or break a scorpio, because they can endure a lot of pain.
3. A scorpio is more observant than the average person.
4. A scorpio is loyal, emotionally intense, an occasional loner, observant, suspicious, passionate, determined, private, secretive, bad-tempered, sensual, seductive and possessive.
5. Treat scorpio like an option and they will leave you like a choice.
6. Scorpio fears to be rejected.
7. A scorpio can be extremely hard to read because they don't talk unnessarily and their facial expressions are often mysterious.
8. Scorpio has a tendency to act first, and then ask.
9. Messing with a scorpio is not that cool.
10. They are the best of friends and worst of enemies.
11. The intense yet loving one.
12. The mysterious one who keeps you guessing.
13. Scorpios are known for having quite the temper and they can come off as intimidating people.
14. It's either they care deeply or don't care at all; there is no median.
15. They are hard persons to love, but when they love, they love really hard.
16. A scorpio's weakness: taking their anger out on the wrong people.
17. A scorpio female hates having others know to much about her.
18. If a scorpio loves, nothing anyone can say will change their minds.
19. A scorpio on a bad day is manipulative, revengeful, highly secretive to those close to them, has a range of raging emotions and is overly obsessive.
20. Scorpios have a strong hypnotic stare.
21. Scorpios value loyalty and bonding and they love harder than any other sign.
22. Scorpio dislikes being asked personal questions and too much flattery.
23. Challenging a scorpio will be your last mistake.
24. Whatever you give scorpio, they will give back tenfold. They can be your worst enemy, or your best ally - choose wisely.
25. Scorpios love it when people underestimate them, seeing the stupid expressions on their faces after they see what they can really do is fucking priceless.
26. A scorpio female may want you, but she doesn't need you.
27. You won't find scorpios coming unstrung, running hither and thither, or striking wildly. When they strike, it's straight on target, with deadly precision.
28. A scorpio rarely shows their true colors to others.
29. A scorpio is always paying attention, even if it seems like they are in their own little world.
30. A scorpio likes to be left alone in solitude once in a while, but they hate being lonely.
31. It's very hard for scorpio to trust you again once you have lied or betrayed them.
32. One of the great things about scorpio is their loyalty to their significant others.
33. A scorpio would beat you in a staring competition.
34. A scorpio's biggest fear is ultimate betrayal, which is why they do everything to protect themselves from it.
35. Scorpio will always rise again and again from their own ashes.
36. A scorpio's best job quality: excellent at gathering information and reading between the lines.
37. Scorpio's can be venomous with their words if they feel you deserve it, but they can also be some of the most comforting and compassionate people.
38. Scorpio woman will awake your senses, take you to new heights, make you feel more alive and loved than you ever have.
39. Scorpios think more than they speak and have the sharp ability to distinguish between truth and lies.
40. Scorpios are survivers by nature. They have the natural instinct to do whatever it takes to remain the last person standing regardless of the situation.
41. A scorpio never lets their guard down because they trust no one, they don't care how friendly you seem.
42. Scorpios hide their grief, emotions and depression beneath their cool and calm composure.
43. Scorpios keep people at a safe distance until they can trust you 100%.
44. Scorpios feel quite natural in a situation of crisis or conflict, they are like a fish in water then! Then can often provoke arguments themselves because of their need of drama and deep emotions, but they always know exactly what they are doing.
45. Scorpio has three symbols:
The scorpion - Austerity, self-defense, sex
The eagle - Pride, loyalty, intuition
The phoenix - Rebirth, change, completion
46. When scorpio is mad, even demons run for cover.
47. Scorpio hates ...
people who ask for their honest opinion and then get sensitive about their answer
condescending and pompous people and those who act or appear to be two-faced
people who cannot keep a secret, and people who have a habit of being flighty and unreliable
vapid people and those who do not know when to stop talking.
48. Scorpios have a habit to sacrifice themselves for someone they love.
49. When a scorpio is following their own path, they are unstoppable.
50. Scorpio loves keeping secrets, mystery, being in control, personal privacy and anything tabboo.
51. Scorpio hates being asked personal questions, having to trust a stranger, being analyzed, subordinate positions, appearing vulnerable.
52. Scorpio are often hot tempered and slightly selfish. However, they are staunch friends and excellent lovers.
53. Scorpio is most likely to be very sarcastic.
54. Scorpio needs someone secure enough to give them their space.
55. Scorpio has overwhelming emotions.
56. Scorpio's sense of humor is sarcasm all the way, comments here, comments there; it's borderline rude, borderline passive aggressive, but funny nonetheless!
57. Never mess with a scorpio, they can easily recognize your weaknesses, and it is easier for them to destroy enemies than to make friends.
58. A scorpio knows deep in their heart they are capable of great good or great evil.
59. Scorpio will give subtle hints with the expectation that you're paying attention to catch the drift.
60. Scorpio's love the smell of an incoming rain or waves that crashing upon the shore.
61. A scorpio will never laugh behind your back, they do it right in front of you.
62. Scorpios have trust issues, they trust nearly no one.
63. Scorpio is the passionate one who loves hard.
64. Scorpio show their anger by dirty looks.
65. Don't try to manipulate a scorpio, they can smell it a mile away.
66. Scorpio often keep it to themselves until they figure it out.
67. A scorpio woman is one of mystery - part tomboy, part femme fatale.
68. Scorpio can come off mysterious, when they act in the mode to self-protect.
69. Scorpios are tenacious and very stubborn, so much so that if you think that they've finally given up, think again. They're coming back with a plan b.
70. A scorpio is often thought to be untouchable or unapprouchable. They don't mind you thinking that, it keeps those unworthy away.
71. If you are lucky enough to be friends with a scorpio, you'll have someone who will defend you no matter what.
72. Scorpio does not take the term 'friendship' lightly, and they would rather have one true friend than a thousand fake acquaintances.
73. Never lie to a scorpio, they value honesty and will settle for nothing less.
74. Never tell a scorpio to forget about something.
75. If an angry scorpio can't win a fight with you physically, expect the most painful and humiliating verbal smackdown of your life.
76. If there was one zodiac sign who's mind was always on the gutter, it'd be scorpio.
77. Your idea of a nightmare ex: an ex that turns into a completely different person after you broke up.
78. Strike a scorpio down and they will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
79. Usually takes forever to earn the trust of a scorpio and you can lose that trust all in a matter of minutes if you screw up.
80. When it comes to words, Scorpios can really hurt someone. They know exactly what to say in order to deeply cut someone.
81. Scorpio is difficult to get to know and impossible to forget.
82. Scorpios are fighters, they will never give up and will accomplish anything they put their mind to.
83. A scorpio's greatest need: trust. They need someone they can rely on in a world full of complete fakes.
84. Scorpios are not wishy-washy, they either like a person or they don't.
85. Never tell a scorpio female how she should think or feel.
86. A scorpio will probe until they reach the truth. They will ask you the same question over and over to catch you slipping in your story.
87. A scorpio will give you several chances, but once they turn their back they never look back.
88. Scorpios do not trust anyone but themselves.
89. Scorpio guilt trip you into thinking it was all your fault after a fight.
90. Scorpios must learn to take care about things that matter to others.
91. Scorpio is most likely to keep a pokerface and leave you puzzled.
92. Scorpio's hidden side is good.
93. Scorpio is the one sign that can give you sensitivity, moodiness, dominance, stubborness, advice, laughter, harsness, love and a headache, all in a matter of one minute.
94. The most common emotion scorpio experiences is indignation.
95. When a scorpio says they are in love, it's a never ending love. They will love you until the end of time.
96. You may say something that you have already forgotten, but a Scorpio will remember your every word.
97. Deadly terms used by a scorpio
Fine - This is the word scorpio uses to end an argument when they know they're right and you need to shut up.
Nothing - Means something and you need to be worried.
Go ahead - This is a dare, not permission, don not do it.
Whatever - A scorpio's way to say 'screw you'.
That's OK - She is thinking long and hard on how and when you will pay for your mistake.
98. Life is all or nothing, there isn't anything halfway about scorpio.
99. Scorpios can go from sweet and gentle to cold and intimidating very quickly.
100. Remember, all scorpio women have a temper.
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